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R3lay Program



$600 I 12 Sessions I 3 month iterations


Must be US Citizen
Background Check or
Active CCW or
Current LEO/ MIL Credentials


Contact us for Slot Availability to upcoming Relays!

Required Equipment

1 Serviceable Handgun (9mm, 40 cal, 45 acp, .357 sig, 10mm)

-Nothing under 9mm
-Compact & Full Size (No Micro Compacts)

3 Serviceable Handgun Magazines

Strongside Outside & Inside the Waist Holster

Support Side Outside & Inside the Waist Magazine Pouch

Handheld Flashlight

Tools for Servicing Equipment

Appropriate Apparel

Note Pad/ Pen


Cold Lunch/ Snacks

Prescription Medication

Think of any good workout regiment. The focused exercises are designed to target a specific area of growth. In that, we will be utilizing proven shooter diagnostic methods to develop an accountable means of progression. "Cutting the Fat" in your Weapons Manipulation will be a heavy focus throughout the program. Iterations of Relays will last for 3 months, 4 Sessions per month. Groups will consist of 6 members for each iteration.

  • Tuning the Grip

  • Visual Processing

  • Trigger Articulation

  • Presentation

  • Stance Considerations

  • Shooting Positions

  • Reloading

  • Malfunction Clearance

  • Intro to Angular Management

  • Lowlight Tactics


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