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Closed out the OE NVG Season with a rock solid group of shooters and a phenomenal night on the range. The advantage provided is certainly significant. However as this equipment becomes more common, it is critical for MIL/LE and Responsible Armed Citizens alike to build a deeper understanding of their capabilities. Though primary, Active & Passive Aiming should not be the only techniques considered.


Solid group of shooters came out for the final Intro to Night Vision Course of the season. The key benefit to this technology is the ability to see and make critical decisions in lowlight/nolight environments. Yes, it is indeed a superpower. . Though equipment and technology can never mask the lack of fundamental skill; the inability to evolve in this arena will only allow growth to one’s progressive adversary. At best, the application of skill with lesser means, will require significantly more effort and compound risk.

Lowlight carbine

Though White Light provides the crucial ability to PID, Marksmanship remains foundational to accountability. This does not take a back seat to any additional task. . We also discuss the benefits of a quality laser in conjunction with the Weapon Mounted Light. This allows the user to mount the rifle in a more ergonomic position while shooting on the move and cut the noise of tracking the dot within the optic. The benefits are contextual and do not negate the use of the primary aiming device.

carbine ii

Hard skills go far beyond marksmanship, to include positions and movement. The ability to understand and utilize terrain requires both discernment and functional fitness.

mrds course

The Dot will allow you to SEE more, allowing for better decision making. In every practical context this alone should validate their use. . Deep dive into the benefits and considerations regarding the Micro Red Dot Sight. No you will not have the same learning curve as there was for AR ghost ring sights to the RDS. Unlike the rifle, handgun relies on only 2 points of contact. . Don’t have a Red Dot equipped Handgun? No problem, we have plenty of rental set ups available!

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