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Concealed Carry

Weapons Permit




Course Code: CCW

$200 I 2 Day Course I 150 rnds

Must be US Citizen

Background Check or

Active CCW or

Current LEO/ MIL Credentials

*Program Pending

     Though the great State of Alaska does not require you to successfully attain a Concealed Carry Permit, here are a few reasons why it is highly recommended.

  • Peace of Mind for LEOs

  • Knowledge

  • Training

  • Reciprocity

  • Official Certification

  • NICS Exempt Option

     This course will present the laws pertaining to the carrying and use of your firearm. It is imparative to understand that negligence does not excuse an otherwise law abiding citizen of a crime. Below are topics that will be covered.


  • Firearm Safety

  • Firearm Nomenclature

  • Methods of Carry

  • Use of Force

  • Restricted Areas

  • Legal Ramifications

  • CCW Written Test

  • CCW Firearm Qualification 

  • Much More

Click Here for more information pertaining to  Alaska Concealed Handgun Rules & Regulations.

Required Equipment

1 Serviceable Handgun (9mm, 40 cal, 45 acp, 10mm)

3 Serviceable Handgun Magazines

Strongside Outside the Waist Holster

Support Side Outside the Waist Magazine Pouch

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection (Electronic is Highly Recommended)

Spare Batteries for Electronics (Flashlights, Hearing Pro, etc.)

Tools for Servicing Equipment

Appropriate Apparel

Rain/ Snow Gear

Note Pad/ Pen


Cold Lunch/ Snacks

Prescription Medication

Printed Photo of Loved One (Spouse, Children, etc.)

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