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Course Code: oc

$225 I 1 Day Course

Must be US Citizen

Background Check or

Active CCW or

Current LEO/ MIL Credentials

     OCAT/ Pepper Spray is among the most underestimated tools available on the market today. Scoville Heat Units may vary according to their context of use (ie. LEO, DOC, etc.) but ALL generate a significant physical and psychological reaction. This tool is not to be carried with a cavalier attitude. Improper use WILL turn the tide of the scenario against you. This course will cover many of the critical topics one must understand with the deployment of OC/ Pepper Spray.

  • OC/ Pepper Spray Safety

  • OC/ Pepper Spray Nomenclature

  • Variations of Spray Patterns and Effects

  • Use of Force

  • Decontamination

  • Presentation/ Deployment

  • Practical Application of OC in Defensive Scenario

     It is important to understand, that regardless of HPLC/SHU, OC does not effect everyone the same. A highly motivated individual could cause serious injury in lieu of the effects. If official certification is not required, undergoing the spray is is optional. With the deployment of OC, you will feel the resonating effects as well. It is always a good idea to feel the effects firsthand for these reasons.

  • Assure that you can Fight through the Effects

  • Discernment for those You decide to Spray

  • Articulation to justify OC in your Use of Force Spectrum

Required Equipment

Change of Clothes

Appropriate Apparel

Rain/ Snow Gear

Note Pad/ Pen


Cold Lunch/ Snacks

Prescription Glasses

Prescription Medication

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