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Personal Protection

Inside of the Home

Course Code: PPIH

$425 I 2 Day Course I 250 rnds

Must be US Citizen
Background Check or
Active CCW or
Current LEO/ MIL Credentials

     Within the safety of your home resides the most precious gift of all, Your Family. Though nothing can truly prepare you for the traumas of a home invasion, we will work with you and your loved ones to fortify the walls that protect them.  These tools will prove invaluable if that frightful scenario ever presents itself.

  • Review of Residential Layout

  • Hardening of a Residence/ Building

  • Essencial Understanding of Consequential Variables

  • Priority of Life

  • Tactics vs. Strategy in the Home

  • Residential CQB Tactics

  • Pre/ Post Incident Emotional Trauma  

  • Firearm Safety

  • Intro to Fundamentals of Lowlight

  • Understanding of Ballistics relative to Interior Structure

     It is a blessing to have never felt the violation of a burglary or worse find yourself face to face with an intruder. This is a very real threat to our community. Home invasion drills should be treated as vital as the common fire drill.


Required Equipment

1 Serviceable Handgun (9mm, 40 cal, 45 acp, 10mm)

3 Serviceable Handgun Magazines

Strongside Outside the Waist Holster

Support Side Outside the Waist Magazine Pouch


Eye Protection

Hearing Protection (Electronic is Highly Recommended)

Spare Batteries for Electronics (Flashlights, Hearing Pro, etc.)

Tools for Servicing Equipment

Gloves (Recommended)

Elbow Pads (Recommended)

Knee Pads (Highly Recommended)

Appropriate Apparel

Rain/ Snow Gear

Note Pad/ Pen


Cold Lunch/ Snacks

Prescription Medication

Printed Photo of Loved One (Spouse, Children, etc.)

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