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These Targets were specifically designed to test and strengthen your fundamentals.

Free to Download! Print and Practice!


3-5 Yards

Make slow methodical hits in each of the Target Designators. Triangles are used to present more data for the shooter to assess.

Call Shots for teammates using multiple Target Desingators.


3-5 Yards

While sending multiple rounds, maintain proper recoil management technique to keep all rounds within the Circle. 

Tight Group: Speed Up

Large Group: Slow Down


3-5 Yards

Transition from firing multiple rounds in rapid succession to finite hits on Target.

Failure to Stop: L - L - 1

                            R - R - B 

Zipper:  1 - L - A

              B - R - 2


3-5 Yards

Shooter Diagnostics. Use the Bars to Diagnose POA, POI. Throttle Control exercises can also be utilized off of the Center Start Point.

Call: Numbers                         
Throttle/ Transition: Caller's                                         Choice

Game: Thumbs Up

3-5 Yards

Call Your Shots!

You must call how many rounds it will take you to get from 1-12.

If you surpass the amount of rounds that you originally called, you are Disqualified!

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