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Foundational Self Defense Seminar

Course Code: FSD

$105 I 4 HR Seminar 

Must be US Citizen
Background Check or
Active CCW or
Current LEO/ MIL Credentials

This seminar was constructed from portions of the "Psychology of Violence" Brief that we cover in the Academy for incoming Officers. Prior to beginning any form of a training regiment, it is important to set a firm foundation to build upon. Efficient application of Force comes first from a deep understanding of one's foresight and conviction.

  • Use of Force

  • Morals & Ethics

  • OODA Loop

  • Concepts

  • Conviction

  • Commitment

  • Case Study

  • Theory vs. Reality

  • Visual Acuity

  • Mental Strength

  • Physical Capabilities

  • Emotional Fortitude

  • Variable Circumstances

  • Tools

  • Reactionary Gap

  • Child Abduction

  • Practical Application


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