Course Preparation

     We applaud you for your commitment to building your methodological proficiency. Not enough of our fellow citizens are willing to invest their time and finances in this way. However it imperative to understand that most skill sets are only introduced in a class setting. It is up to the student to take this home and ingrain it into their technical skill set. Repetition is the absolute key to internalizing any movement, be it fine or gross. To get the most out any course, please review this Course Prep.

Student Requirements

     Must be US Citizen

     Background Check or

     Active CCW or

     Current LEO/ MIL Credentials

Familiarize yourself with the Firearm Safety Rules

     Firearm Safety Rules

     1. Treat All Firearms as if they are Loaded

         "Know the Status of Your Weapon at ALL TIMES"

     2. Never Point the Firearm at Anything You Do Not Intend to Destroy

     3. Keep Your Finger Straight and Off the Trigger,

          Until Sights are On Target and Ready To Fire

     4. Always be Aware of Your Target's Foreground and Background

Physical Safety

     Can You Stand for Prolonged Periods of Time

     Can You Safely Go Down On/ Up From a Kneeling Position (MOD II)

     Can You Safely Go Down On/ Up From a Prone Position (MOD II)

     How's Your Cardio? (MOD III)

     Can You Safely Function High Stress Environments (MOD III)

Gear Check (Prior to Course Date)


     Zero Your Sights/ Lasers, etc.

     Function Check/ Lube Weapons

     Load/ Mark Your Magazines

     Check/ Replace Batteries in all Electronics

     Test Fit Your Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers, Battle Belts, etc. 

     Adjust Personal Protection Equipment (Gloves, Knee Pads, etc.)

     Tighten/ Locktite Screws to Holsters, Pouches, etc.

     Check Expiration Dates of Medical Supplies

     Fill Hydration Packs

     Stage Clothing/ Alt Clothing for the Training Day

     Fuel Your Vehicle

     Prep all of Your Equipment atleast the Day Before Class

Feel Free to Contact Us with Questions